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How To Tell If You Have A Cheating Spouse

  1. Your spouse tells you they have a new co-worker, or friend, and that they are ugly. However, when you meet them, they are everything opposite. If your spouse isn't cheating, or thinking about cheating, then why lie?

  2. Spouse comes home with lipstick, or men's cologne on clothes, says a colleague accidentally bumped into them if you questioned it, or some other "I've heard that before" excuse.

  3. Suddenly, your spouse starts coming home later than usual. They make excuses about work or having to wait for a friend. The excuses sound bulletproof, maybe that is because they were well rehearsed?

  4. You get phone calls from people who claim that they work, or go to school with your spouse and have to ask him something important. Maybe that something important is a meeting time and place where they are going to cheat? Imagine if you could see what they do on the computer!

  5. All of a sudden, the spouse starts exercising or buying nice clothes, going to gym, or jogging, with their 'partner'.

  6. You find hairs on clothes that are not yours or theirs, who's are they?

  7. Spouse says they don't feel well when you want to 'cuddle'

  8. Spouse starts being especially nice and buying you gifts, or the usual "I'm Sorry" gestures, to find out what's really up, the computer is the first place you should check

  9. The most proven way to catch a cheating spouse is invisible computer recording software, Jet Spy Software, or hire a private investigator to follow them everywhere, and that could cost several thousand dollars. 

The Costs Associated With Your Employees Surfing The Internet

According to a recent UCLA study, 60.7% of employees engage in personal internet surfing at work, up from 50.7% in 2001. Internet monitoring company WebSense revealed that online hate sites grew by 70% to 373,000 sites compared to this same period last year. These statistics reveal company vulnerability to spiraling bandwidth costs, loss of employee productivity, and potential legal liability due to personal Internet surfing during the workday.





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"90% of Internet Users have had some form of sexual contact in a chat room" 2002 Survey


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