Q. Exactly What Can I See With Jet Spy?
A. Everything! Every Email, Chat, Websites, Programs (Word, Excel, Power Point) and more.


Q. What Is My PC Requirements To Install Your Software?
A. 16MB Memory - Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT


Q. Is Jet Spy a Filter?
A. No - It Is A Complete Computer Surveillance Recording and Logging System.  Everything That Happens On The Computer Will Be Recorded.


Q. Which Jet Spy Product Is The Best?
A. It Depends What You Need To Do. If You Want To 'KNOW' Exactly What Is Happening On The Computer, Than The Computer Recorder Is What You Need.  If You Want To Recover A Password, Or Really Just See What The Person Is Typing, Than The Keylogger Software Is What You Need.


Q. Is Your Software Difficult To Install?
A. No.  The Software Can Be Installed In Less Than 10 Seconds.


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