Spy on computer activity! Records all PC activity and secret conversations. Spy on chats, websites, programs used, emails, and more.

Software emails activity logs of all users activity to email. Email Recorder, Chat Room Recorder, AOL Spy, PC Spy, Computer  Surveillance Software Record All Activity and sends email logs to any email. Jet Spy Records All Computer Activity. Enforce Work Employee's, Spy on Your Spouse, plus more... Email Spy, Chat Spy Monitoring Software.

Records All Keys - Every key stroke is saved in logs with a time & date stamp, categorized by date and program.
Hidden Application Location - JetSpy is hidden on your system, when CTRL+ALT+DEL is pressed, the application is not visible.

Password Protected - The program can only be opened with a password (set by you during installation), making it even more secure.

Records All Programs Used - Secret spy software invisibly records all Windows programs.

You Set The Recording Time - Set time and day of week to record.

Disk Saving Timer - The software will automatically stop recording when there is no activity, this will increase memory and performance.

Very Easy To Navigate - Buttons are positioned for easy usability.

Easy Printing - Built in printing feature.





Records All Keys Typed, Usernames & Passwords - Each key is saved within logs with date stamp.
Hidden Program Location - JetSpy Key Logger remains hidden.

Day Log Saving - Recorded and stored by day, or  specific application.

Records All Programs Used - Each time a program is opened (Word, Excel, AOL, etc) the date, program name and keystrokes are saved to log.

Deterrent System - A software warning screen can be set to launch at start, notifying the user that their actions are being recorded. This specific action can be turned off for 'stealth mode operation'.

Automatic Activation - The program launches when the computer starts.

Auto Printing - Built in print feature for printing key  logs.




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